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functionGenerator Class Reference

Dialog to set the wave generator (for demo mode). More...

#include <funcGen.h>

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Public Methods

 functionGenerator ( QWidget* parent = 0, const char* name = 0, bool modal = FALSE, WFlags fl = 0 )
 ~functionGenerator ()

Public Attributes

QFrame* Frame3
QLabel* TextLabel1_3
QButtonGroup* ui_waveformCh1_2
QRadioButton* RadioButton1_3
QRadioButton* RadioButton2_3
QRadioButton* RadioButton3_3
QLabel* TextLabel2_2
QLabel* TextLabel4_2
QSlider* ui_symetryCh1_2
QSpinBox* ui_freqCh1_2
QLabel* TextLabel18_2
QSpinBox* ui_vCh1_2
QComboBox* ui_vUnitCh1_2
QCheckBox* ui_noiseCh1_2
QFrame* Frame4
QLabel* TextLabel1_2_2
QSpinBox* ui_freqCh2_2
QLabel* TextLabel19_2
QCheckBox* ui_noiseCh2_2
QSlider* ui_symetryCh2_2
QButtonGroup* ui_waveformCh2_2
QRadioButton* RadioButton1_2_2
QRadioButton* RadioButton2_2_2
QRadioButton* RadioButton3_2_2
QLabel* TextLabel3_2
QLabel* TextLabel5_2
QSpinBox* ui_vCh2_2
QComboBox* ui_vUnitCh2_2
QPushButton* PushButton1
QPushButton* PushButton1_3
QPushButton* PushButton1_2
QSpinBox* noiseSpin1
QSpinBox * noiseSpin2

Protected Methods

void loadFileGenerator ()

Protected Attributes

QHBoxLayout* Layout23
QHBoxLayout* Layout23_2
QVBoxLayout* Frame3Layout
QVBoxLayout* Layout100_2
QVBoxLayout* ui_waveformCh1_2Layout
QHBoxLayout* Layout24_2
QHBoxLayout* Layout97_2
QHBoxLayout* Layout98_2
QVBoxLayout* Frame4Layout
QGridLayout* Layout103_2
QHBoxLayout* Layout101_2
QVBoxLayout* ui_waveformCh2_2Layout
QHBoxLayout* Layout26_2
QHBoxLayout* Layout102_2
bool modify

Private Slots

void modifySld1 (int value)
void modifySld2 (int value)
void sendButton ()
void saveButton ()
void enableButtons ()
void enableButtons (int)
void enableButtons (const QString &)

Detailed Description

Dialog to set the wave generator (for demo mode).

Matthias Toussaint, Davide [Lizza] Lizzani
funcGen.cpp,v 1.0 2003/01/03 15:10:09 root Exp

Dialog di settaggio del generatore delle onde (per la modalita' demo)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

functionGenerator::functionGenerator ( QWidget * parent = 0,
const char * name = 0,
bool modal = FALSE,
WFlags fl = 0 )

Disegna il dialog a video

Member Function Documentation

void functionGenerator::loadFileGenerator ( ) [protected]

Carica i campi dei due canali del dialog dal file config/generator.cnf

void functionGenerator::sendButton ( ) [private, slot]

Invia i campi dei due canali del dialog all'applicazione senza salvarli su file

void functionGenerator::saveButton ( ) [private, slot]

Salva i campi dei due canali del dialog nel file config/generator.cnf

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